Newsletters – Articles: Law Offices of Robert lson – Portland, Maine

Newsletters - Articles: Law Offices of Robert lson - Portland, Maine
Newsletters & Articles
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Federal Advertising Guidelines for Business
Bait and Switch Credit Card Offer
Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts
Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan
Maine Estate Tax Law: an overview
Maine Estate Tax Law for deaths occurring on or after January 1, 2013
The Surviving Spouse and the Maine QTIP/No State Portability
Nonresident Concerns
Effect on Same-Sex Couples/U.S. v. Windsor
Federal Estate Law: an overview
Current Law
How to calculate the amount due
Death of DOMA
Obama’s 2014 Budget Proposal
Homeowner’s Insurance: The Devil Resides in the Details
“Cybersmear” Lawsuits
Age Discrimination in Employment
Freelancers Articles are Not Free
The Marital Deduction: A Valuable Estate Planning Tool
Small Business and Job Discrimination
Noncompetition Agreements and Arbitration
Real Estate Deals Gone Wrong
Estimated Taxes for Business Owners
Ensure Your Financial Privacy
Before You Start a Business
Estate Planning – Powers of Appointment
Public Use Required for Eminent Domain
Tax-Free Gains From Home Sales
Recreational Use Immunity for Golf Injury
Deducting the Business Use of Your Home
E-mail is Binding
When is an Employee a “Supervisor”?
What is a REIT?
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Weather the Storm
Limited Liability Companies – the Best of All Worlds?
Employees are Responsible for Beneficiary Designations
Protect Your Plastic
HOA Can Regulate Common Area
Identity Theft Policies for Business
Take the Time to Update Your Will
Taxes on Gambling Winnings
Careful Whom You Add to Accounts
Long Arm of the Law
New HIPAA Rule
Classifying Employees for Wages
Underwater Homeowners Get a Life Raft
How Long Has This Been Going On?
Pitfalls of Being an Executor
401(k) Loans and Hardship Withdrawals
Criminal Background Checks on Employees
Lottery Winnings and Gift Taxes
Fair Housing Act Doesn’t Apply to Roommates
Land Purchasers Get Money Back
LLC Member Personally Liable
Umbrella Insurance Policies
Car Safety: What if Your Brakes Fail?
Confidential E-mails: Proceed With Caution
The Company is Worth How Much?
Real Estate Round Up
Employee or Contractor? IRS Offers Amnesty
Retirement Account Overview
“Y’all” = Marital Property
ADA Primer for Small Businesses
Feline Friend 1; IRS 0
FCRA and Preemption of State Law Claims
Car Honking as Free Speech
Estate Planning: Private Reverse Mortgages
The Mystery of the Old Bank Account
Organize Your Estate Planning Documents
Tomato: Fruit or Veggie?
Natural Gas Exploration Not Allowed in the Suburbs
“Freeze” Your Credit to Help Prevent Identity Theft
The IRS is Here to Help
Yet Another Hazard on the Golf Course
SBA Loans Can Help to Finance Small Businesses
Chalk One Up for the Little Guy
Estate Planning with ILITs
Don’t Lose Your Charitable Deduction
Financially Speaking, Keep It Simple
Employees Win Benefit Protections
How to Franchise Your Business
Deleting Company E-mail
Social Media in the Workplace
Borrowers, Lenders, and Processing Payments
New Gift Tax Breaks
FDIC Insurance Updates
New Federal Tax Law Enacted
Real Estate Roundup
Cybersquatting and the Courts
Employment Retaliation Claims Surging
Different Ways to Hold Investment Properties
U.S. Supreme Court: Arbitration is the New Employment Law
Taking Land for Economic Development
Bank Accounts are A-Changing
Season Tickets Cannot Be Seized
Junk Fax Exemptions
Innocent Spouse tax Relief
Websites and Where to Sue
Better (?) Disclosure for Mortgage Consumers
No Estate Taxes for POD Beneficiary
Debit vs. Credit Cards
Know About the “No-Zone”
Minimum Distributions Back for 2010
What is an S Corporation?
MySpace, Students, and Free Speech
Tax Credits for Historic Preservation
Sculpture Slays Government Goliath
Choosing an Executor for your Will
Overtime Pay Update
Real Estate Roundup
Business Loans Cannot Reduce Estate Taxes
Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
E-Mailed Documents Allowed
Credit CARD Act
Car Dealers Clash with Website
Litigation over Noncompete Agreements
Tax Breaks for College Costs
Lender Must Return Debtor’s Vehicle
Medicaid Benefits and Special Needs Trusts
Golfer Can’t Be Sued for Errant Shot
Family Responsibilities and the Workplace
The Murky Waters of Wetlands Protection
Small Business – Maintaining a Safe Workplace
LLC Owner Liable for Employment Taxes
Misconceptions about FDIC Insurance
Vacation Home Tax Treatment
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Update
IRS Gets Tough on Deferred Compensation
Excluded Heirs May Still Inherit
“ARM” Borrowers Beware
Can You Trademark a Flavor?
“Hours of Service” Under the FMLA
What Happens to Your E-Mail After You Die?
Beware of Fake Checks
Does the ADA Apply to Websites
Watch Your Language, Debt Collectors
Zoning Laws and the Exercise of Religion
Clickwrap Agreements
Real Estate Law Update
Estate Planning 101: What is a Trust?
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